Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nails Nails Nails

Don't you love cosmetics that have cute names? I have so much fun picking up a lipstick that's called Barracuda Berry as opposed to just... purple or even a number, or in this case ATOMIC OJ! What! I actually think this is a big factor in me buying things. Sadly... consumer consumer.

Left - Right, atomic oj, a lister, triple threat
At only $2 a pop I don't feel so guilty, also they are made in Australia, so points to you! 
I also snapped up some nail stickers (Cala - $2), a thing I'll only purchase if it is on sale, no Sally Hansen I wont pay $14.95 each! These ones however, were an interesting task to accomplish. You have to cut them to size before peeling of the backing and sticking them down, which is fine... except when you try to do it to yourself. These ones were super thick, which meant they stayed on for a fair while but I had a lot of trouble trying to get them to fit my nail shape perfectly, which meant some began to peel. Luckily I did a clear topcoat, and they stayed on in Bali for a few days too! $2 not bad... but probably not a re-purchase.
Cala nail stickers
Ulta3 - atomic oj
Ulta3 - a lister, Rimmel 60 seconds - Green with envy, base

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