Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lovable Lilac, Vegan Friendly Lip Cream

Keeping with my theme of vegan friendly makeup! Just a super quick post about one of my new favourite lip products! I have a few lip products from Innoxa and they are amaaazing. I went into Myer on the weekend and they had a super Saturday sale on, so it was 40% off Innoxa products and a whole other bunch of stuff in store. I found a list of vegan friendly Innoxa products here and couldn't go past this colour! They even have a page on their website dedicated to vegan friendly products. Check it out here.

They are normally $14.95 but I got it for $8. It's an amazing consistency, goes on smoothly and looks great even when it fades. As random as it is, it actually has a nice taste! Would 100% repurchase. 
Love love love.

Some vegans or cruelty free shoppers don't like to purchase vegan products from a mother brand (Heritage Brands in this instance), that sell other brands that are not cruelty free. I found this statement from their website;

'Heritage Brands is very proud to announce that Australis Cosmetics, Innoxa and Mode have all been registered on the Choose Cruelty Free list.
Heritage Brands is now accredited by the Choose Cruelty Free Limited as an animal cruelty-free company.
Each of our brands are against animal testing and we take great pride in that.'
So it is totally up to personal preference. Big companies tend to own a lot of smaller companies so it makes it very limited to what you can or cannot buy based on your beliefs. As the last line says in regards to their other brands, 'against animal testing' that doesn't always mean that there is no testing being done, but do your research and if you are happy buying something then it is 100% your choice!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

elf Cosmetics Review - Concealers

I used to use the Australis Full on Foundation stick for a concealer and base which was amazing, but I read the ingredients recently and it contains beeswax, so as I'm trying to be completely ethical I decided to look for something else as an alternative.

I have quite a few elf products;
a. They are all Vegan  
b. They are so affordable
So my next thought was to try some concealers...

Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter - Light/Glow
I first purchased the Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter which I immediately fell in love with. The applicator is super easy to use and blend. I'm not sure if I was more impressed with the concealer or the highlighter. The highlighter is amazing for an eye primer and makes every colour pop like crazy! 

Maximum Coverage Concealer - Sand
Because I was using the concealer in the duo every day I wanted to buy more before I ran out so I ventured onto the Maximum Coverage Concealer which is essentially the concealer in the duo to me, so much love. I do prefer the applicator in the duo but the Maximum Coverage Concealer works fine using brushes to apply.

All Over Cover Stick - Light /Beige
The All Over Cover Stick was the best thing in comparison to the Australis Full on Foundation stick. It is so eaasy to use, and I basically just smear it everywhere and then blend it in with a flat foundation brush. It does not last all day by itself but when combined with other products it works very well on my skin. Whenever I need to get ready quickly, this is my go to product as it is so quick and simple to use. It is the perfect size to carry around with me as well.
Smells amazing. Obsessed.

Concealer - Ivory
wouldn't buy again
The only one I was dissapointed in was the concealer stick, but I think that is just personal preference I much rather a liquid concealer than a cream or stick, just for ease of application. Also the problem of matching to my skin tone was difficult as I bought these items pre-packaged from Kmart and for obvious reasons you can't return makeup. So it is a little dark for me but still use-able.

Other goodies...
elf Eye Refresh
My other item which I am currently obsessed with is the elf Eye Refresh. Which is actually the best thing ever if you are not a morning person or need a quick pick me up during the day. It does not affect the look of your makeup but is an instant up lift for those dry tired eyes. I keep this one in my bag all the time. 
It is a roll on applicator and has a cool metallic feel. Very difficult to photograph cause it's metallic packaging but that makes it easier to find in a handbag. wew!

elf Radiance Enhancer - Spotlight
And last but not least the elf Radiance Enhancer. I like to experiment with new products and teach myself new techniques. I haven't really had any experience with contouring or highlighting so this product was a good starter for me. It has a slight pink velvety look and is great around the eye area. But is super shiny so you only need a tiny bit. Because of the large applicator I tend to use a different brush or even a finger to blend it in. 
The bottom is a twist applicator and the product comes out between the soft bristles at the top end of the brush.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Winter Essentials

Other than a super warm coat, a black boot is a definite winter essential. Although I have a fair amount of boots already/shoes in general, I couldn't go past these gems! You can wear boots all year round so I don't feel too guilty about adding a few more to my collection. heh.

If you know me, you would know that I am a passionate vegan, so winning - these shoes are synthetic! I was tossing up between two colours for the faux suede boot as it came in a really nice tan, and now I am second guessing my decision! First world problems.

Justice Buckle Boot - Rubi Shoes $59.95 here
Gossip Dress Boot - Rubi Shoes $25 here
Black Elastic Boot - Kmart $29 ( Cannot believe this find!)

More Deetz;
Kmart Elastic Boot
10 cm Heel / 2 cm Platform
Chunky heel 
Water resistant
Everyday height
Easy to put on

*Snug fit

Justice Buckle Boot 
9.5 cm Heel
Super comfy
Solid heel
On trend
Water Resistant
Everyday height
Side zip

Creases easily
Minimal grip

Gossip Dress Boot
8.5 cm Heel
Suede Look
Chunky Heel
Everyday height

No water resistance
Minimal grip

I also had a little helper today, what a cutie!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Highwaisted Pant - LEOTHELABEL

I am currently working on some samples for a project of mine called Leo the Label. Leo is focused on handmade exclusive clothing, made and designed in Melbourne.

Check us out on Instagram, Click the logo below

If you know me, you know that I have a never ending love of sequins, glitter or anything with a sparkle. So I am working on creating some highaisted sequin pants and this was the sample. I used this floral fabric I had in my studio and I actually quite enjoy the style in a graphic print. Some small tweaks on the pattern and I now have two styles.

The evolution of getting distracted by a puppy...

Top - TEMT - $14.95
Pants - Leo the Label Sample
Boots - Rubi Shoes - Super old

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Feeling Cosy

We all know that Melbourne weather changes 3 times a day, and today it was pretty freshhh. I feel my self continuously wearing all black, so I mixed it up with some grey tones. 
I went into TEMT the other day and fell in love with this knit top, normally I wouldn't go for high neck styles but call me obsessed!

Coat - Gifted
Knit Top - TEMT $24.95
Stripe Top - Ajoy 
Coated Pants - Cotton On $49.95
Boots - Rubi Shoes - $49.95
Watch - Nixon

Also my sister got a new puppy, who was very curious as to what I was doing, adorabubble.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What a Year

Well, it's been over a year since I last wrote something. What a year indeed!
I've finally hit the big 21, four years since I entered the blogging world, and holy moley how things have changed. My style, mindset, dreams...
. I only wish I kept up with my blog so I could see how I have transformed over the years in a neat little folder.
Well, I'm back and I'm determined to keep it up. 

Speak soon x