Friday, 31 January 2014

Floral Fairylights

 I posted a while ago about wanting some floral fairy lights, so whilst my friend and I were looking in Typo we saw these! Too cute.

Floral lights - Typo $24.95
LEDs - Ebay $9.95

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fatal Attraction - BYS Nails

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BYS is actually a really inexpensive but good brand, every time I go into this one $2 shop I want to buy the neon collection nail polishes, mainly the green but someone always talks me out of it. This time I decided I was going to do it, biiig decision at only $4 each right? I was initially really dissapointed with the consistency as it's very thin, I tried doing a base of white, but my polish was very dry and I had to start over again. In the end I had to do three coats to get the brightness I was after, which turned out to be quite a nice colour.

Excuse my poor nails, I'm currently in the process of trying to strengthen them, look out for that post soon!

- Amazing colour
- Affordable
- Against animal testing

- Thin consistency
- Stains nail bed (need to do a base coat)

Still a repurchase :)
Whats your favourite nail polish?

For more neon colours check out their website here
For even more nail products click here

Friday, 24 January 2014

Laurelle Perfumes Review

I'm sure you have seen those people who hang out in the middle of shopping center's and try to sell you things around Christmas time right? Well I got sucked in. I got three perfumes, a body wash and two male scents for $70, which is a pretty good reason to get sucked in! I've never heard of this brand before which is apparently British, the salesperson told me that they were re-imaging and doing this deal to get their company more well-known. 

Laurelle - City Girl, New York
I love love love this fragrance, I've been looking for Hillary Duff - With Love for ages and couldn't find it anywhere, I kept being told it was out of stock, or not in production anymore. City Girl reminds me of With Love, a sort of coconut smell, subtle but still sweet, now my go to everyday scent.

Laurelle - If Only
If Only is a more mature scent, but still very sweet, I often go to this one on a night out or more formal occasion. 

Laurelle - Closer
Closer is a sweet floral fragrance, less so than If Only (above), a lighter everyday fragrance.

All in all I'm happy I purchased these products. I don't have many perfumes so now I have a good variety to choose from. Check out their website

- No Animal Testing
- Great scents
- Inexpensive
- Cute packaging

- Need to spray a fair amount to have all day coverage
- Limited stockists

What's your go to everyday fragrance?
Have you heard of this brand before?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Kmart, I love you

If you've been reading this, then I'm sure by now you must know that I have a little love for shoes... and Kmart. They mix so well together because Kmart always has fashionable and comfortable footwear, that is ridiculously cheap. 

I had to go up a size in the wedges (right) as the vamp was quite stiff and tight. Both shoes are extremely light and stable. The sandals (left) have no grip, so you need to be careful on slippery surfaces... almost found out the hard way. The wedges however have a rubber sole (lifesaver!) both neutral colours are perfect in my summer wardrobe! I actually spotted these exact sandals in another store for over $50, so winning!

Kmart Sandals - $12
Kmart Wedges - $15

What is your go to summer shoe?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nails Nails Nails

Don't you love cosmetics that have cute names? I have so much fun picking up a lipstick that's called Barracuda Berry as opposed to just... purple or even a number, or in this case ATOMIC OJ! What! I actually think this is a big factor in me buying things. Sadly... consumer consumer.

Left - Right, atomic oj, a lister, triple threat
At only $2 a pop I don't feel so guilty, also they are made in Australia, so points to you! 
I also snapped up some nail stickers (Cala - $2), a thing I'll only purchase if it is on sale, no Sally Hansen I wont pay $14.95 each! These ones however, were an interesting task to accomplish. You have to cut them to size before peeling of the backing and sticking them down, which is fine... except when you try to do it to yourself. These ones were super thick, which meant they stayed on for a fair while but I had a lot of trouble trying to get them to fit my nail shape perfectly, which meant some began to peel. Luckily I did a clear topcoat, and they stayed on in Bali for a few days too! $2 not bad... but probably not a re-purchase.
Cala nail stickers
Ulta3 - atomic oj
Ulta3 - a lister, Rimmel 60 seconds - Green with envy, base

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The little things she needs

Yet another shoe purchase post, these look amazing on the foot and are one of the top contenders for my favourite basic shoe. These look great with cropped jeans and a plain tee, love love love

They are a little crumpled from being shoved in my suitcase along with my other purchases in Bali!
Shoes - The little things she needs, $36
Purchased in Kuta Square
Website here

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bali Necklaces

I recently came back from Bali and I wish I had of taken some photos of the market stalls selling this jewellery, there are walls upon walls of different choices, colours and sizes. I love statement necklaces and finally decided on these three pieces that I knew I would be able to style in my everyday wardrobe back at home.

What is your favourite piece of Jewellery?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bring on the New Year!

Do you remember when you had to go stationary shopping for school and you got super excited by everything? No? Just me? Well I loveee stationary and always find myself buying pens and books I don't really need. I adore Kikki K, everything is so cute! This time I held back and focused on the bare essentials, okay maybe I didn't need the 5 pack of pens...
Bring on the organisation!

Kikki K Diary - $44.95 here or mint here
Kikki K Notebook - $12.49
Kikki K Pens - $12.95

Monday, 6 January 2014

I'm Back! With shoes - The Fisherman Sandal

I had a busy busy year, finishing my costumes, putting on a final show and graduating my course, but I'm back and ready to post! 

I got these at a warehouse sale I often work at, which in the end as it was so quiet, nothing was over $25. To begin with I hated the fisherman sandal trend, I thought it was extremely unattractive, but after seeing an open toe version and trying them on I instantly melted, they were so comfortable. I thought, these are amazing, why not! ... and now I'm super cool and on trend... haha.

INNIU Shoes - Narda
INNIU shoes - Sonny 
INNIU shoes - Singha
INNIU Shoes - Amrita
INNIU Shoes - Sonny 
What do you think about this trend? Super cute or super no?