Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fatal Attraction - BYS Nails

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BYS is actually a really inexpensive but good brand, every time I go into this one $2 shop I want to buy the neon collection nail polishes, mainly the green but someone always talks me out of it. This time I decided I was going to do it, biiig decision at only $4 each right? I was initially really dissapointed with the consistency as it's very thin, I tried doing a base of white, but my polish was very dry and I had to start over again. In the end I had to do three coats to get the brightness I was after, which turned out to be quite a nice colour.

Excuse my poor nails, I'm currently in the process of trying to strengthen them, look out for that post soon!

- Amazing colour
- Affordable
- Against animal testing

- Thin consistency
- Stains nail bed (need to do a base coat)

Still a repurchase :)
Whats your favourite nail polish?

For more neon colours check out their website here
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