Tuesday, 31 January 2012

DIY Zipper Headband

I found this bag of zippers at a discount fabric store and after seeing something similar I decided to whip up one of my own!!

Crafty Supplies

Another more complicated design

Might post a "how-to" vid soon, stay tuned!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chic vs. Cheap

I was going to try and limit these to once a month ...

But first up, Cheap doesn't mean bad! And when I say cheap, it is a more cost effective version of the super expensive!

Well, I bet you have all spotted these babies from Steve Madden...

Steve Madden - Dynemite $109.95 (Prices vary)
available here and here


London Rebel - Anouk $39.99 - $50
Availbe here and at Famous Footwear
London Rebel isn't that cheap, certainly better than $100, but the quality of these are really great!

There are oh so many colours available in both of these brands, I'm currently eyeing of the Black and Leopard combination from London Rebel

How about some glitter?

ASOS - Hysteric  $42.17
available here
Also in Gold floral, Black, and Brown
 from $32.44 - $45.42

I was watching these for a while and got them for Christmas from my Mum :D Go Mum!

 Sneak peak of next outfit post :)

What is your favourite?

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Sandal

These babies are so fun and bright they can take you from day to night (no rhyme intended !)

Day; Chuck on some solid coloured jeans, pick out a statement blazer and add a few simple accessories
Grandmothers Vintage Necklace

Day, Take 2; Printed midi and chiffon blouse

Night; When in doubt, go for black. A peplum style dress can show off your curves with out being too revealing, add a chunky necklace and some bangles to complete any simple outfit

Believe it or not, this gorgeous dress is also from wholesale-dress.net

Thank god for self-timer and a makeshift tripod (ladder), This was an interesting day...

List; Day
Striped blazer - Op shop
Necklace - Grandmother's

Day, Take 2
Chiffon Blouse - Target
Printed Midi - Op Shop
Satchel - Rubi Shoes

Lace Dress - Wholesale-dress.net
Necklace - Fabric Store

Shoes - Wholesale-dress.net
Earrings - Lovisa
Bracelets - Lovisa, Diva, Op Shop

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chic vs. Cheap

We all love shoes right? But sometimes the price tag can be a bit off putting!

Wittner - Midnight $169.95, available here
(Red, Black, Cognac)


Wholesale-dress.net - Cross Sandals $10.81, available here
(Red, Black, Yellow)
 Thats a whopping $158.14 saving! Of course with cheaper shoes you must give in a little on quality control.

I bought these babies mid last year from wholesale-dress.net, and although the product is cheap, shipping is the killer! When I was browsing through Wittner's website I couldn't believe my eyes, there's hardly any visual difference, the buckle, colour and fabric are the only things I could find.

Be sure to check out wholesale-dress for some super cheap finds.
 some photos are 'stolen' and not of their product but others, be sure to check out reviews before a purchase! Also be aware, some items are not the best quality, (I have not had a serious issue... yet!) They do clothes and accessories too!

And for all you money troubled Lita lovers, check out these or these!

 Keep your eye out for a new outfit post on how to style these babies soon!
Would you rather invest in an expensive pair of shoes or do you go for the cheaper version, like me?

Friday, 13 January 2012

DIY Earring Holders

When I got this super cute jewellery holder for Christmas from ASOS I decided to re-organise my earring collection. Unfortunately I used to throw out/missplace some of the packing that came with new earrings which was not a problem with my old stand, meant I couldn't hang them up neatly on the new one! So I decided to make my own holders :)

These are so easy and make it much easier to store your jewellery!

You can make any size

This beautiful paper is from 'Kiky' and it's recycled wrapping paper!

CutOut+Keep are currently doing site maintenance, but I will post a small how-to soon, just check out my profile here in the next couple of days :)

How do you store your jewellery? I'd love to know!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Solestruck - Contest Entry

So after browsing the Solestruck blog and looooooonnnging for some devine shoes I decided to try my luck and enter the competition - All I want for Christmas is Shoes; NYE Edition. Basically you had to come up with an image/concept that details your NYE look, I eventually decided on a video! I saw this post yesterday and realised I had one day until the deadline, so after spending the scorching summer day at my friends house in the pool I rushed home to work on my entry... oh by the way, the winner gets a free pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes :D
The winner gets a free pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes :D

Check out the post here
Check out my entry here

Plus you get a sneak peak at my beloved shoe collection! Ignore the lighting and the messy floor!!

There is one more space for those Jeffrey Campbell beauties!
(Or they could go on my shoe rack hidden in the cupboard :D )

What's your favourite pair of Jeffrey Campbell's?