Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chic vs. Cheap

We all love shoes right? But sometimes the price tag can be a bit off putting!

Wittner - Midnight $169.95, available here
(Red, Black, Cognac)


Wholesale-dress.net - Cross Sandals $10.81, available here
(Red, Black, Yellow)
 Thats a whopping $158.14 saving! Of course with cheaper shoes you must give in a little on quality control.

I bought these babies mid last year from wholesale-dress.net, and although the product is cheap, shipping is the killer! When I was browsing through Wittner's website I couldn't believe my eyes, there's hardly any visual difference, the buckle, colour and fabric are the only things I could find.

Be sure to check out wholesale-dress for some super cheap finds.
 some photos are 'stolen' and not of their product but others, be sure to check out reviews before a purchase! Also be aware, some items are not the best quality, (I have not had a serious issue... yet!) They do clothes and accessories too!

And for all you money troubled Lita lovers, check out these or these!

 Keep your eye out for a new outfit post on how to style these babies soon!
Would you rather invest in an expensive pair of shoes or do you go for the cheaper version, like me?


  1. i actually like the cheaper shoes better! even if the quality isn't necessarily as good, i love the look!


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