Monday, 2 January 2012

Solestruck - Contest Entry

So after browsing the Solestruck blog and looooooonnnging for some devine shoes I decided to try my luck and enter the competition - All I want for Christmas is Shoes; NYE Edition. Basically you had to come up with an image/concept that details your NYE look, I eventually decided on a video! I saw this post yesterday and realised I had one day until the deadline, so after spending the scorching summer day at my friends house in the pool I rushed home to work on my entry... oh by the way, the winner gets a free pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes :D
The winner gets a free pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes :D

Check out the post here
Check out my entry here

Plus you get a sneak peak at my beloved shoe collection! Ignore the lighting and the messy floor!!

There is one more space for those Jeffrey Campbell beauties!
(Or they could go on my shoe rack hidden in the cupboard :D )

What's your favourite pair of Jeffrey Campbell's?


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. For now it's Turquoise Litas! OMG! I lovee this idea!! :D Lucky :)

    Thanks for your comment! :) I love your blog so I'm following!

  3. I love the look of Jeffrey Campbell's LITA shoes, although I don't own a pair! And you have a wonderful shoe collection!!!

  4. My favourite JC shoes are also the Lita's! I own then in a suede sand colour and I love them to death!



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