Saturday, 31 December 2011

Summer Colours

So, after trying to choose a nail colour from my vast (semi-sorted) nail polish collection I decided that it would probably be a good idea to choose my top 10 summer nail colours to share with you guys! The Revlon ones are scented and suprisingly they last for quite a while.

I picked out my favourite 10 colours but I couldn't stop myself from adding a lovely pink into the mix!

Yes, they glow!

Inglot - 07 (Techno UV coat, This colour appears clear in shade, but when the sun hits it gives of an amazing blue/purple tinge!), 971, 978
Inglot. 971 on nails

Revlon - 310 (Beach), Not-so-blueberry, 360 (Bubble Gum), 300 (Cotton Candy)
NYC Colour, Sprinkles This one is great by itself or as a top coat on another colour!

NYC Colour, Blue Bird
Rimmel, Green With Envy
You always need a yellow!

The Inglot polishes are great quality and are true to colour, depending on the time you purchase and the style, they retail from $13.60 up to $17.85. Check out their pastel collection here!
Revlon is always great, but the fact that they are scented adds that little bit extra. Although they are fairly expensive they are a great investment.
NYC colour is one of my new favourites and I picked these two up from the supermarket for around $2 each on special, normally they are about $12 or something.
The Rimmel 60 Seconds are amaazing if you are impatient when painting your nails :D

As you can probably tell, I am in love with pastels! What's your favourite summer colour?



  1. Love the colors! Thanks for inspiring me to post picks of my nail polish collection! Hope to see your comment soon!


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