Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chic vs. Cheap

The Dolce Vita Jemma boot, oh how I have longed for you! I've been watching these like a hawk waiting for the price to drop ever so slightly... Solestruck has a huge range of colours, and I spotted them on Karmaloop but they sold out! I know that I am a bit delayed with jumping on these as they've been plastered all over fashion blogs for some time now (This makes me want them more!)
I know these are pretty pricey but I think they are a great investment!

Dolce Vita Jemma Bootie - $219.95
Available here

Black and Red - SOLD OUT

Wittner, Saphite - $189.95
Available here

Bebe, Alice - $79.99 +
Available here
Old Stock 
Zu, CLINE, $180
Available here
Red and Black
Wild Pair, Dana - Not Available !

Dolce Vita, Jemma
 Photo from Stella Lai

Keeping my eye on those Emerald beauties from Wittner!

What's your favourite? 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Style Panel - What Should I Wear?

In a recent post, I introduced you to the amazing Aussie site; What Should I Wear? Created by Delia Timms. Well I was delighted when I was invited to be included in the March Style Panel. If you don't already know, this site allows you to upload a photo and get feedback from the lovely community and a selection of 'Style Panelists'.

This month I will be joining a bunch of other fantastic style and fashion enthusiasts, and offering feedback on outfits and possible purchases or even outfit choices.

There is an app which is super too, you should check it out!

Check out the site, What Should I Wear?
and have a look at the other lovely people on the Style Panel

Tuesday, 6 March 2012 Haul/Review Video

I've done a bit of hunting on the internet and I could only find negative or 'so-so' reviews on, as I've had a really good experience with this site I thought I would post a haul/review and some tips for all of those still unsure on whether or not to try anything from this company. I thought it would be a good idea to show what I have purchased rather than just talk the whole video :)

Sorry for the terrible sound quality and lighting... and the overuse of the word cute...

Be careful with out of stock items as they will not refund your purchase, but give you a 'store credit' which is annoying. BOO!
Sorry if items mentioned are out of stock. After editing I checked back on the site and they had recently changed their layout, however it is much easier to navigate through!
I'm very busy with school but I will post some pics here of the image on the website and the item I recieved hopefully by the end of the week :)

Check it out here
Enjoy some snapshots :)