Sunday, 22 April 2012

DIY Glitter Wedge

As mentioned in a previous post, I decided to DIY glitter some wedges to cover up a small mark. As the shoes were beige I decided to go with a chunky gold look. I absolutely love how these turned out! I used Rubi Shoes, Ankle Strap Peep Toe Wedge

Just thought I'd show you a brief DIY in photos, click here for the full written DIY with in depth instructions/photos

You will need;
Glitter Paint
Masking Tape
Craft Glue

Remeber these beautiful 'faulties'?

 Dance the night (or day) away!

Feel free to ask any questions
New video coming soon! 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bits & Pieces

Revlon Scented Nailpolish- Pineapple Fizz, Chi Chi - Pump It Up, Chi Chi - Your Disco Needs You 
 I was a bit dissapointed with the Revlon colour, it is more of a gloss and required many coats, but it smells divine! The Chi Chi 'Pump It Up' colour is amaaazing. And some matching lipsticks...

INNOXIA - Pink Carnation, Pink Peony

Love & Toast Handcreme - Sugar Grapefruit

This handcreme is amaaaazing, and the packing is absolutely adorable. It smells delightful

Innoxa Lipsticks - $14.95 each, available here
Prices vary for Revlon Scented Polish and Chi Chi Nail Polish

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Ankle Strap Sandal

These are everywhere! I've never been much of a fan of heels without platforms, I'm sure you've seen this becoming a huge trend and quite honestly they have grown on me. So head on over to good old for a platform version. I bought quite a few things; a cardi, necklace, dress (no, a top) and these sandals. I ordered them in a yellow/orange colour but got them in white. But I am very happy with the colour now, these are so cute!

Available here, $12.32
or Blue here

But the straps are so weird!


Luxxx Mustard Lace Dress
Vintage Denim Jacket Sandals

Let me know if you prefer the larger photo sizes :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

New Shoes

Sorry for the lack of posting! Uni and work have me very busy!

For all you Aussies,  I'm sure you love DFO just as much as me. I decided to pop into Rubi Shoes just for a quick look and the Faulties table caught my eye... I picked up these boots and amazingly they were $5 !! So I decided to have another look and got some beige wedges for $5 too, and the only ones in my size, a sign?? I think so! A buckle had fallen off the boots and the wedges had a pink highlighter mark... easily fixed. A bit of glue and maybe some DIY glitter in the near future...

So trust me do not avoid the faulties table they can be your new best friend!

Then... I saw Tony Bianco, and convinced myself it was okay to look because I needed some new birthday shoes! 25% off storwide... I was in there for over an hour! Finally I decided on these gorgeous boots and my birthday heels ( You'll have to wait and see! )

Rubi boots

Rubi Wedges

Tiny highlighter mark
Tony Bianco - Rivai


I always like to see shoes on the foot so here you go,