Saturday, 23 June 2012

Shoe Revamp - Glitter Chucks

First up, I thought I would show you where I have been...

I finally finished my huge assessment! Wooooo!

Right down to business, I am on a bit of a glitter obsession... and I used to love Converse. But these were a bit worse for wear and as they were brown it was a bit of an odd colour to match. I decided to revamp these after I saw a girl wearing glitter covered runners! My original plan was to use fine glitter all over the shoe, but after a coat of paint I decided that this look would be more everyday appropriate. The best bit about this shoe choice is that they are canvas, therefore the perfect option for paints. Check it out, DIY Glitter Converse!

What you need;
Masking tape
Paint Brushes (Medium and small)
Black Acrylic paint
Gliter Paint

Fine Glitter/Glue (Optional)

Photo Tutorial, written tutorial coming soon on


I got so excited about finishing them I peeled the tape off and forgot to take photos! Ooops.

Feel free to ask any questions !

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Oh my, how the time fly's!
Ive been very slack lately, but super busy with Uni assignments and work! In 2 weeks my final assignment for Uni will be done and hopefully I will get back to some more regular posting!

I've gone on a bit of a shoe frenzy. A huge warehouse sale was to blame, and although I bought a gazillion shoes I only spent $200 ... ish... but got about 12 pairs, including some suede... I think thats good... right? Oh well.

Take a peek at my collection, Don't worry these aren't all new!

Winter Selection
Can you spot something familar? I found a pair of suede booties similar to the Dolce Vita, Jemma and Wittner, Saphite. These were half the price at $59.95!

Speak soon x