Saturday, 31 December 2011

Summer Colours

So, after trying to choose a nail colour from my vast (semi-sorted) nail polish collection I decided that it would probably be a good idea to choose my top 10 summer nail colours to share with you guys! The Revlon ones are scented and suprisingly they last for quite a while.

I picked out my favourite 10 colours but I couldn't stop myself from adding a lovely pink into the mix!

Yes, they glow!

Inglot - 07 (Techno UV coat, This colour appears clear in shade, but when the sun hits it gives of an amazing blue/purple tinge!), 971, 978
Inglot. 971 on nails

Revlon - 310 (Beach), Not-so-blueberry, 360 (Bubble Gum), 300 (Cotton Candy)
NYC Colour, Sprinkles This one is great by itself or as a top coat on another colour!

NYC Colour, Blue Bird
Rimmel, Green With Envy
You always need a yellow!

The Inglot polishes are great quality and are true to colour, depending on the time you purchase and the style, they retail from $13.60 up to $17.85. Check out their pastel collection here!
Revlon is always great, but the fact that they are scented adds that little bit extra. Although they are fairly expensive they are a great investment.
NYC colour is one of my new favourites and I picked these two up from the supermarket for around $2 each on special, normally they are about $12 or something.
The Rimmel 60 Seconds are amaazing if you are impatient when painting your nails :D

As you can probably tell, I am in love with pastels! What's your favourite summer colour?


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Belated Merry Christmas + DIY

Merry Christmas, I hope everyone had a fantastic day!
I was browsing through some cute christmas crafts on cut out and keep and came across a bunch of adorable felt decorations. After popping down to the store to get some felt squares I began to get crafty and this is what I ended up with! The designs are all versions I found on the website with a little twist, there are a few with tutorials! Hopefully you can get some inspiration for next year :)

Santa Penguin
Christmas Pudding

I was really happy with how they turned out, originally some were going to be a gift but I can't bring myself to give them away ... we'll see.

Penguin Inspiration - by Haley S or Serendipidty_sarah 
Robin Tutorial - by SecretBatcave
Pudding - Google

Friday, 23 December 2011

NYE Makeup Tutorial, Video

I have been meaning to film a makeup tutorial for quite a while, it was pretty hard to get this as I used a makeshift tripod (a box) and I have a small digital camera so the audio/visual quality is preeeeetty average! Anywho...
This video will show you how to do a fairly easy and fun look for NYE or a party. This can be achieved without fancy brushes or super expensive products. This is pretty much your typical smokey eye with blue as a substitute. Glitter is your best friend, go wild and have fun!
Check it out here!

Products Used During This Video:

MAC Liquid Foundation, "Studio Fix Fluid"
Covergirl Powder Foundation, "Advanced Radiance"
Inglot Bronzer
Inglot Blush, "Multi-colour System" #90

Designer Brands Eye Shadow, "Shimmer Palette/Matte"
Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow, "014 Bold Behaviour"
Rimmel London Colour Rush, "021 Alluring"
Be Yourself Shimmer, "Blue"
Chi Chi Liquid Eyeliner, "Scene Queen"
Inglot Liquid Eyeliner, "27 Silver"
Australis Eyeliner Pencil, "Black"
Maybelline Mascara, "XXL Pro, Very Black/Noir Intense"
1000th Hour, Natural Lashes, "Black Vogue"

Chapstick, "Strawberry Lip Balm"
Napoleon Perdis, "Emma Lipgloss"

Enjoy my stupid poses!!
 Having some fun posing!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Rose Garden, Earrings (DIY)

I found a bunch of old rose buds in a drawer, that were magically next to some gold earring hooks. Perfect right?! So I decided to turn them into some super cute earrings. This is extremely easy and unlike many other jewellery projects you dont need any special tools...

You only need 3 things;
1) How ever many rose buds you want to use (You can find these roses on ebay in an array of colours or even at your local $2 shop, simply search for small fabric roses, rosettes and so on.)
2) 2 earring hooks
3) Scissors

I've added a small how to, for more detail check out my project on Cut Out + Keep! (The project may take a while to be published, but have a look around the site. There are some great DIYs!) 

Click to Enlarge

Hopefully I'll add a good photo soon! I couldn't muster a nice face :s
Please leave a comment and I'd love to see some photos if any of you try this out!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Collective Haul (Photo Heavy)

I have been doing a lot of random purchases in the past few months and I have come across some great bargains, so I thought I’d compile them all together in one hit! I have a fixation for shoes and when I see something for a reasonable price there’s not much stopping me from buying a new pair there and then. I purchased these items from my own money.

Hopefully soon I can post some pictures of how to style some of these items!


 List; Shoes
Tan Sandals – Op Shop, $9
Colour Blocked flats – Emerson, Big W, $15
Yellow and Black sandals – Rubi Shoes, $5 each
I had these in yellow and wore them to death; I saw them on sale again and bought a new pair and a black!
Boots – Inui, $15
Sassy Heel; Colour Blocked Peep Toe – Rubi Shoes, $49.95
            Also available in Nude Patent, Black Suede and Black Patent.
Gretel Wedge – Rubi Shoes, $39.95
            Also available in Grey/Blue, all Black
Perspex Peep Toe – ASOS, Party On Perspex Heels, $50

Ombre Fringe Earrings (chain) – Colette Accessories, $8.95
Drop Earrings – Colette Accessories, $5.95
Studs – Rubi, $1
Ombre Hoop Fringe – Lovisa, $15
Owl Earrings –, $2
Shell Earrings –, $2

Mustard Dress – Femme Connection, $30
Striped Blazer – Op Shop, $10

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pretty in Pink

A while ago I decided to sign up for Betts Shoes VIP club, opening earlier next year. I received a $25 gift card, which we put towards these cute summer sandals. I chose these as I didn’t have any bright summer shoes and the wedges were decorated with strands of colour! They are super comfy and easy to walk in and you can also buy them with natural coloured straps.

Cardigan –  Op Shop
Top – LalaGirl
Skirt –  Temt
Hat –  Myer
Belt – Vintage
Shoes – Betts, Rainbow Fuchsia
Bracelet – Wrap: Lovisa
Ring –  Lovisa
Nail colour – Blue Bird by NYC Colour