Sunday, 18 December 2011

Rose Garden, Earrings (DIY)

I found a bunch of old rose buds in a drawer, that were magically next to some gold earring hooks. Perfect right?! So I decided to turn them into some super cute earrings. This is extremely easy and unlike many other jewellery projects you dont need any special tools...

You only need 3 things;
1) How ever many rose buds you want to use (You can find these roses on ebay in an array of colours or even at your local $2 shop, simply search for small fabric roses, rosettes and so on.)
2) 2 earring hooks
3) Scissors

I've added a small how to, for more detail check out my project on Cut Out + Keep! (The project may take a while to be published, but have a look around the site. There are some great DIYs!) 

Click to Enlarge

Hopefully I'll add a good photo soon! I couldn't muster a nice face :s
Please leave a comment and I'd love to see some photos if any of you try this out!

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