Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pretty in Pink

A while ago I decided to sign up for Betts Shoes VIP club, opening earlier next year. I received a $25 gift card, which we put towards these cute summer sandals. I chose these as I didn’t have any bright summer shoes and the wedges were decorated with strands of colour! They are super comfy and easy to walk in and you can also buy them with natural coloured straps.

Cardigan –  Op Shop
Top – LalaGirl
Skirt –  Temt
Hat –  Myer
Belt – Vintage
Shoes – Betts, Rainbow Fuchsia
Bracelet – Wrap: Lovisa
Ring –  Lovisa
Nail colour – Blue Bird by NYC Colour


  1. This has to be my fav outfit so far! :) I lovee the skirt and the hat make it super cute! :)

  2. Forever Fashion; Thanks so much! I thought i'd go crazy with some colours :)


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