Thursday, 7 June 2012


Oh my, how the time fly's!
Ive been very slack lately, but super busy with Uni assignments and work! In 2 weeks my final assignment for Uni will be done and hopefully I will get back to some more regular posting!

I've gone on a bit of a shoe frenzy. A huge warehouse sale was to blame, and although I bought a gazillion shoes I only spent $200 ... ish... but got about 12 pairs, including some suede... I think thats good... right? Oh well.

Take a peek at my collection, Don't worry these aren't all new!

Winter Selection
Can you spot something familar? I found a pair of suede booties similar to the Dolce Vita, Jemma and Wittner, Saphite. These were half the price at $59.95!

Speak soon x


  1. Woah!! You got a lot of nice shoes!! :)

  2. You have THE best shoe collection!!!! Great buying at the shoe sale too evidently!!
    Delia x


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