Thursday, 17 May 2012

BYS Two Tone Nailpolish

My sister told me about this awesome nail polish, and not that I need another one, I went down to Kmart and bought one for $4. This BYS Colour Change Nailpolish is so clever, think mood rings but for your nails! I bought the 'Glitter Purple' as the colour chart showed the most change.

This polish changes with heat from a mid blue/purple to pale purple (not quite what it states on the bottle) but still super cool! Right now I can tell you its turned a sort of ombre tone on my nails, dark on top and lighter towards the bottom, pretty snazzy that your nail colour can change throughout the day. This comes in a variety of colours and is available from Kmart for a very affordable $4

P.S Ingore my crappy painting job I havent had time to fix them up!!
 Look out for an amazing new shoe post coming soon!


  1. I love it!!


  2. I love the color!

  3. Did i tell you i bought some of this? Anyway i tagged you over in my blog go look!

  4. Adorable nail color!

    Hope you'll visit me :)
    Kisses, Elena


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