Wednesday, 2 May 2012

18 !

So finally the big 18! A week ago I had my 18th Birthday, yay!

You might notice that my photos seem clearer and well, much better than before! Thats because I got a beautiful new Canon camera from one of my closest friends. Hopefully we will have some better shots and some new videos soon.
We put these gems on individually...

My sister did my hair, and I absolutely adored it!

What I Wore;
Innoxia Lipstick - Pink Peony
Chi Chi Nailpolish - Your Disco Needs You
Oroton Ring
Tony Bianco - Kortina Wedges
DIY Glitter Wedges
DIY Wrap Bracelets

 You might have noticed my shoe change... although beautiful, those Magenta wedges are a fair ammount of work! Review and more photos soon!


  1. You're shoes are amazing!! Soo happy for you!! :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments dear , and happy belated birthday. You look beautiful, I love your hair do and the dress is gorgeous

  3. Such a good night! :D


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