Friday, 24 January 2014

Laurelle Perfumes Review

I'm sure you have seen those people who hang out in the middle of shopping center's and try to sell you things around Christmas time right? Well I got sucked in. I got three perfumes, a body wash and two male scents for $70, which is a pretty good reason to get sucked in! I've never heard of this brand before which is apparently British, the salesperson told me that they were re-imaging and doing this deal to get their company more well-known. 

Laurelle - City Girl, New York
I love love love this fragrance, I've been looking for Hillary Duff - With Love for ages and couldn't find it anywhere, I kept being told it was out of stock, or not in production anymore. City Girl reminds me of With Love, a sort of coconut smell, subtle but still sweet, now my go to everyday scent.

Laurelle - If Only
If Only is a more mature scent, but still very sweet, I often go to this one on a night out or more formal occasion. 

Laurelle - Closer
Closer is a sweet floral fragrance, less so than If Only (above), a lighter everyday fragrance.

All in all I'm happy I purchased these products. I don't have many perfumes so now I have a good variety to choose from. Check out their website

- No Animal Testing
- Great scents
- Inexpensive
- Cute packaging

- Need to spray a fair amount to have all day coverage
- Limited stockists

What's your go to everyday fragrance?
Have you heard of this brand before?

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