Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lovable Lilac, Vegan Friendly Lip Cream

Keeping with my theme of vegan friendly makeup! Just a super quick post about one of my new favourite lip products! I have a few lip products from Innoxa and they are amaaazing. I went into Myer on the weekend and they had a super Saturday sale on, so it was 40% off Innoxa products and a whole other bunch of stuff in store. I found a list of vegan friendly Innoxa products here and couldn't go past this colour! They even have a page on their website dedicated to vegan friendly products. Check it out here.

They are normally $14.95 but I got it for $8. It's an amazing consistency, goes on smoothly and looks great even when it fades. As random as it is, it actually has a nice taste! Would 100% repurchase. 
Love love love.

Some vegans or cruelty free shoppers don't like to purchase vegan products from a mother brand (Heritage Brands in this instance), that sell other brands that are not cruelty free. I found this statement from their website;

'Heritage Brands is very proud to announce that Australis Cosmetics, Innoxa and Mode have all been registered on the Choose Cruelty Free list.
Heritage Brands is now accredited by the Choose Cruelty Free Limited as an animal cruelty-free company.
Each of our brands are against animal testing and we take great pride in that.'
So it is totally up to personal preference. Big companies tend to own a lot of smaller companies so it makes it very limited to what you can or cannot buy based on your beliefs. As the last line says in regards to their other brands, 'against animal testing' that doesn't always mean that there is no testing being done, but do your research and if you are happy buying something then it is 100% your choice!

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