Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nail Stickers

Sally Hansen - Salon Effects Nail stickers

I love having painted nails but always give up after three attempts of putting the polish on, whether it be sloppy application, ruining the nail when trying to clean it up or accidently touching something whilst they were still that tiny bit wet... 3 hours later and my nails look the same as when I started... Bare, Damn!

Helloooo nail stickers! These have been around for quite a while, but I had not gotten around to actually giving them a go, my mum bought these for me last week! I was in Queensland for a week, and considering I was at theme parks and water parks, they lasted almost a week in pretty good condition!

Amazing effects
Strengthens Nails
Lasts a few days
Cleaner finish than polish
Tricky to apply
Difficult to remove
Awkward sizing

Application; I was extremely confused when I opened the box, after messing up the first few nails I slowly got the hang of it. The pieces are odd sizing, so for smaller stickers you can slightly stretch them to fit your nail perfectly.
You peel the two layers off the sticker - The base and the clear protection - and attempt to fit it perfectly to your nail. Slowly file off the edge with the supplied file and 'tuck' the excess under the nail, this is what made my nails super strong and helped them last longer! Its very hard to explain the method, but you get a diagram with instructions in your little box, so hopefully you will be better at it than me!

Check them out here and colours/designs here
Have you ever used nail stickers?

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