Monday, 17 September 2012

DIY Jewellery Frame


I absolutely adored this vintage style necklace hanger when I first saw it and immediately decided I wanted my own. Unfortunately I'm not quite handy with power tools, so I took this task to my Step Dad to help me out, Fortunately if you are like me you could still easily do this yourself.


Jewellery Frame mini Tutorial

What we did;
After establishing that we wanted the sticks on the back of the frame, the problem of not having any space between the wall and the frame came about; we solved this by adding a 3D 'frame' to the original.

You could also get this look by using a frame with a larger backing and using a glue gun to secure the sticks.
What you need:
A Frame (any Size)
Sticks (I used bamboo)
Glue Gun or Plastic Clamps
Picture Hooks
Paint (to match)
Backing Board (Optional)
 You can see the original frame and the new backing here.

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  1. god I freakin' love studs and spikes too!
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