Monday, 6 August 2012

Glitter Flatforms

Can you sense my glitter obsession?

Go Jane Glitter Canvas Flatform - $15.95

Oh the flatform, I love this idea, everyday height. I stumbled upon this website called Go Jane a while ago and fell in love with these Glitter Canvas flatforms! Although they were only $15.95, Shipping to Australia was a standard rate of $30! After lusting for months and with the help of the lovely ladies at What Should I Wear, I finally decided to purchase them, unfortunately the pink colour was out of stock so I decided to go for the Camel.

Size charts confused me.. so when they arrived, I was devastated to find they were a size too big! I'll still be able to get away with them as they have a strap and are closed toe, although I have a feeling they make me look like I have clown feet... Oh Dear!

I was a little worried about stability after reading the reviews, and although it is a different experience to walking in your usual wedge, I felt they were quite comfortable. The ankle strap may give me some trouble with blisters but so far so good!
p.s Amazing quality

There is a faint floral design on the material

Purchase them here! But beware, they only have 6.5, 7, and 7.5. If anyones after an 8... I'd be happy to swap for a 7.5, haha!
Next purchase... These babies

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  1. Wow, such cute shoes! Nice selection and I really like that glittery part too. Hopefully your shoes won't injure your feet as much (:


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